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I have promised you a feature for anyone awesome enough and/or bored enough to make something in my honor...Specifically, Fan Art, whether or not I asked them, about any of my characters! More broadly, anyone who so much as FEATURES ME, you are all AMAZING, automatically! SO, here are all the awesome fans of mine, both former and current:

Dark Guardian (Myth of the Legendary Warrior) by saltyseahorses GDN kun by ATMBN Jay by xXPowertuffgirlXx Gkf by saltyseahorses Friend Tower by xXPowertuffgirlXx Gilded and Golden Knights by The-Gilded-Knight :thumb464647343: :thumb459799336: AG: a Gold Knight arrives by thebestmlTBM R-thegoldenknight by CrazyFandomSlut Thanks The-Golden-Knight by whaleywhale Happy 58th Day of 2014!
Hello wonderful lovelies. ♥ Not much to report on other than I think you're fantastic. [Yes, you.] We should talk sometime, you know? Lets Catch up or get to know each other better. Here is a question to get you started:
What is something you've always wished for?
For me? It'd be that my sister and mom would get better as they are both chronically ill. I always spend all my wishes on them. c:
Inspirational Feature Vol.9!
Hey, click here and confess something to 91816119 if you're okay with that sort of thing.
TheTerrorOfTheDeep tagged me. I can't say no to her. :iconiluplz:
23, Female, On a chair in New York.
Name your top three favorite songs at the moment.
For The Golden Knigth by MeganHughes12 :thumb430659443: The Group Picture of 2013 by LaptopGeek :thumb420041770: Art Jam Entry- Piano'd by LaptopGeek Part of the Hive: Some Kind of Suit by AgentC-24 2nd Lieutenant Casey by KndLeppard Summer Fun by Raingrass Sand Shenanigans by lucapocalypse DeviantArt Feet discussion by Nutellamonster My friends on Deviantart ( coloured) by Bones11223344 Buddy's on deviant art (uncoloured) by Bones11223344 For The-Golden-Knight by Bones11223344 Gift- The-Golden-Knight by starburst34 Request For The-Golden-Knight by psionicbird Question 6 for my OCs by KidsAndKittehs Happy Easter to You Fantastic Friends!! by KidsAndKittehs :thumb275111259: i know what Christmas is all about now by Toon-Orochi 6th night of hanukkah by LaurenKatz Golena - I..Love..You? by EeveelutionLova Interview meme... by LaurenKatz what I am made of by Knalljaas Easy To Tease.. by EeveelutionLova Diamonds Dream by EeveelutionLova Jay and Rosemary by EeveelutionLova My Top 3 MB Cute Boys by ToonKendal :thumb256912837: RQ:Against the Shadows by AfricanPrincess981 Me and Some 'Busters by VolcanicDash Golden Used Attract by EeveelutionLova Helena's Plush Toy by EeveelutionLova Sleepy Love by EeveelutionLova kill? by cutienoel The-Golden-Knight see the nice this by sogrepcorpus RQ: Jay's gone heavy by thebestmlTBM The golden Knight by EmmyWemy REQUEST: Jay rescues Blossom by thebestmlTBM Memebusters 22: LOLCatsHere in DeviantART City, where people come and try to make it as exceptional artists or novelists, there is a group in the park. This group has grown in popularity, but for now, there is a team meeting. "OK, is everyone here?", X asked. "Yes, everyone is here, now why on earth would you interrupt my training?", Golden asked a little irritated. "Simple. Everyone's been hard at work with these memes running here and there.", X said. "Yeah, we know that, now go a little faster.", Frosti said being her bossy self. "OK, point is, I think we need a vacation.", X said.
Everyone started whispering and muttering. "Where?", Petal finally asked. "Well, I was thinking Las Vegas.", X said. "Oh man, does THAT bring up memories...", 789 said as he remembered when he took on Dr. Octogonapuss with Powerthirst. "Well, I thought I'd be a good vacation spot.", X said. "You bet I'm in!", Golden said. Everyone also was in. So, they took the PLZ-ME as an air craft and took to the skies. "Wow, this is amazing
Memebusters: Government 5 by SmashProX The Golden Knight by tellywebtoons you don't think.... by tellywebtoons Jay's character chart by ChaosriderX Golden Knight :Puff: by Natsumi-chan0wolf Jay - PPZ3 Base by ChaosriderX .:Sport Puffs 3:. by Natsumi-chan0wolf puff point com for TGK by G-Blue16 Icon for The-Golden-Knight by manicsfan Memebusters The-Golden-Knight by SmashProX Memebusters Short: Missfire by SmashProX Christmas Gift Art by Purplefox135 Gift Art for The-Golden-Knight by Purplefox135 Charlotte interview meme by LaurenKatz Teh Memebusters by EeveelutionLova The-Golden-Knight by SmashProX Amanda for TGK by ZEGCT1 Jay: Reedit by JaRoDBlUe Heroes of the day by TomX117 Missile Sprint by TomX117 Golden Doodles by EeveelutionLova Request Matt Delta by toongrowner Character Sheet: Jay by GothicBlueEyes Memebusters: Bubble Trobule by EeveelutionLova Commission: The-Golden-KnightAlone he was,
Though brave at heart,
His only love
Was in his art.
Long he searched
For maiden fair,
With dagger eyes
And fiery hair.
The months wore on
And turned to years,
His search became
His biggest fear.
One day, however,
When he was out,
From behind
He heard a shout.
A woman there
Was being harmed,
Anyone else
Would have been alarmed.
But not this man.
He wheeled round
And threw her attackers
To the ground.
One got up
And tried to flee,
But a fist made sure
He couldn't see.
When all the villains
Were immobilized,
The man looked into
The woman's eyes.
"Thank you"
She said with a smile,
And he knew at once
It was worth his while.
"Can I walk you home?"
The young man grinned.
He held out his hand
And she put hers in.
Now the rest of this
Is history,
But it shouldn't be
A mystery…
Memebusters: Movie Time by EeveelutionLova


United States

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MissWires Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Golden Knight, all of your journals are gone! You're not going to leave dA, are you? I wanted to read more of your comics and stories... :iconheartbrokenplz:
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Your art is very entertaining.
CaptainMetal Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the favI am a dummy! 

Enjoy summer and... *colored* by CaptainMetal
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The-Golden-Knight Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014
Don't you worry. :pat: I know you've been crazy busy, but I'd still like that Skype chat sometime! I only wish we could anticipate an alignment with our schedules.
EnriqueSteele Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey bro, I haven't heard from you in a while. Everything OK?
The-Golden-Knight Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014
Yeah, if I just did not have any emotions.
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The-Golden-Knight Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014
Happy to help! :aww: OH, and I am glad you like my work so far.
kengel1021 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm just wondering what graphics program you are using. Is it a vector-based program such as Inkscape or a raster-based program such as Photoshop?
The-Golden-Knight Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014
A combination, actually. I draw the lines in Illustrator and fill the colors there, as well as apply gradients. I use Photoshop for "special effects" and for saving the files to their final JPEG formats.
WebcomicParodies Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
huh? what happened to the two most recent journals you posted? o.O
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Quickly Googling "" says the Smore service site is OK. Even Web of Trust says it's OK. Odd. I still smell something fishy...

In any case, thanks for visiting and I'm glad you like what you see enough to tell all your friends about me! :wave: OH, and late welcome to Deviantart! :D
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